Hello there. Thanks for stopping by Life in Blue! Whether you have one, two, or (gulp) seven lil’ guys in your home, you’re in good company here.

My daily life is packing super hero lunch boxes, knowing the difference between a “Tie Fighter” and an “X wing,” using kitchen towels as burp rags, wearing yesterday’s yoga pants, and collapsing on the couch by 9:30 each night. Add my husband Ben to the mix, and someone is always wrestling in this house.

I’m surrounded by boy—and Life in Blue chronicles the adventure.

Disclaimer: I’m no parenting expert. If you came to Life in Blue for a prescription for perfect parenting, you better run FAST. Most days I’m as messy as my kitchen counter.

However, Life in Blue is an invitation. I’m opening the door into my testosterone-filled home, hoping that this is a place where you can settle down with a cup of coffee and:

…Find encouragement in the trenches of motherhood,

…Be challenged to invest in and relate to your son,

…Embrace who you are as a woman at this stage of life,

…Feel a bit less chaotic in the day-to-day, and

…See God in the middle of it all.

Welcome to Life in Blue! We’ve got this, mama.

Life in Blue