I have a confession: I’m a list junkie. All around my house, you can find to-do lists, packing lists, lists of books I want to read, lists of house projects to complete, and grocery shopping lists—even a list outlining plans for Thanksgiving dinner. Most of my lists get lost, and few are ever completed.

But still…I make my lists with religious fervor.

As I considered some of my favorite things—those books, blogs, and boymom essentials I wouldn’t want to live without, I knew I wanted to make a few lists that wouldn’t get shoved under the bed but rather shared with YOU.

These lists are my essentials, friend. They’re the things I give my sisters or obsess over when I should be sleeping. I promise never to include anything on these lists that I haven’t read cover-to-cover, tried with my own hands, worn, or watched personally.

Somewhere in the depths of my lists, I hope you find a little something to encourage you, strengthen your resolve, laugh until you pee, grow in your faith, and make you feel like you may just be a normal parent after all.

My Lists:

  • Books for Parents
  • Books for Kids
  • Resources for Grieving Parents & Families
  • Fun Stuff
  • Baby Gear
  • Toys for Boys

Note: These lists are still under construction, so if you don’t see a link, check back soon!

What’s missing?

Do you know a great resource, TV show, or diversion I just HAVE to check out? Please, please tell me about it! In my world, you can never have too long of a list. Let’s connect!


Just so you know: If you decide to purchase one of the items I recommend, I may get a small commission. However, I’ll say it again: I will never put my stamp of approval on something I haven’t purchased, tried, read, or worn. For more details, check out my Disclosure Statement.