About Me

Sarah Westfall

Hey there! I’m Sarah—a coffee-infused mama of all boys.

My house is rarely spotless, and I would eat Lucky Charms for every meal if my thighs allowed it. I’m hooked on to-do lists and getting things done (a possible result of my firstborn status), but not so much that I won’t drop it all for afternoon coffee with a good friend. I’m a social introvert who loves yoga pants, good food, and genuine relationships.

Being a boy mom hasn’t always been my gig. Since college, I’ve had my feet in two worlds: education and publishing. My roles have included high school English teacher, editor, administrative assistant, web content writer, adjunct professor, and student affairs professional. I’ve worked full time, been a stay-at-home mom, and fallen somewhere in between. Each role, each season has shape who I am, as God has revealed different aspects of who He is.

Two years ago, I knew it was time to be home with my boys, so I traded in my 8-to-5 job for more flexible work as a freelance writer. I traded budgets and program planning for construction vehicles, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Transformers. Balancing deadlines while packing lunches is an art form I’m still learning, but—by golly—I can build a LEGO® jet with the best of ‘em. I never envisioned my life (or my writing) would be characterized by my daily adventures in raising boys.

But here I am: Four sons deep, with no pink in sight.

The little men who have become the fodder for Life in Blue are Cohen, Carter, Trace, and Jamison.

Boys January 2016Carter Benjamin Westfall

Each of my guys brings his own flavor to our family:

  • Cohen is my firstborn, my force to be reckoned with. I wake up every morning to the sound of him leaping out of the top bunk and sprinting to our bedroom—and he doesn’t slow down until his head hits the pillow each night. Life is big with Cohen: big feelings, big imagination, and big love for learning.
  • Carter came 18 months after Cohen, and his short life changed the course of ours entirely. At about 27 weeks pregnant, we found out that Carter had a very rare birth defect that wouldn’t allow him to survive after birth. Carter lived for one hour. What I know about him is a relatively short list in comparison to what I don’t know, but God has used his life and death to rewire my soul. Carter remains a part of my daily life and the life of our family.
  • Trace is my happy-go-lucky kid. He’s our Goofy Gus, and you never know whether you’ll find him quietly playing cars in his room or buck naked eating M&Ms in the living room at 5:30 in the morning. (Both true stories.) Trace lives at his own pace and while generally steady can also be persistent in his opinions.
  • Jamison (a.k.a. Baby J) is the newest kid on the block. Not yet a year old, Jamison’s personality is still unfolding. But already, he’s proving to be a distinct addition—our only little boy born with blond hair and a cry that rattles the house. The boy’s got pipes.

My main man for over a decade is my husband Ben. He is a steady, sarcastic, and hard-working guy who loves me deeply—my stinky breath, hormonal outbursts, and all. I’m grateful to have such a supportive man by my side, keeping me grounded and constantly challenging me. Plus, he’s generally fun to have around. No one can turn my melancholy into laughter quite like Ben can, except for when he riles up the big boys right before bed.

Ben and Me Naples

Life in Blue drops you right into our living room. I hope you look past the piles of unfolded laundry on the floor to see a woman discovering how to raise godly, kind, and courageous fellas. But even more, I hope what you see in my stories and behind my questions is God. May His grace peak out from behind my parental experiments and my shortcomings, so that Life in Blue is just a continuation of a greater Story.

So come on in! Grab a cup of coffee, and let’s get to the business of being friends and becoming better mamas for our boys. You can subscribe to my blog for the latest updates and posts (check out the sidebar), or follow our daily antics on Instagram and Twitter.