Goodbye (For Now)

When a writer gets quiet, you know something is up. I’ll own it: We’re not a group known for having a lack of words.

I took a hiatus from blogging this past summer. In fact, May 17 was the last day I logged in to my site—until today. Life in Blue just disappeared off my radar.

All four boys were home for summer break, which meant my personal recipe for writing (quiet + alone) just wasn’t happening. Instead, our days were filled with walks to the park, playing at the pool, and doing whatever I could to keep them active, busy, and exhausted by day’s end. It was glorious and for the first time in a while, life didn’t feel like survival mode. Sure, I was tired. But it was the good kind. Just look at these faces:

Once in a while I’d think, “I should post a blog.” But that’s where it stopped. In my experience, when should enters my internal dialogue—especially in regard to writing—my heart just isn’t engaged. Should indicates a shift from inspiration and authenticity to obligation and pretending. And when I enter into that “shoulding” space, I feel like a phony.

Something about writing for Life in Blue had lost its luster. In order to continue in the boymom blogosphere, I felt like I should target my content more toward boy-related tips, tricks, stories, and resources and shy away from other life-faith ideas. But that just made me ache, so I decided to take a break to figure out why.

I came to the realization that what drives and energizes me—what fills my heart with grit—runs much deeper than motherhood. Yes, I’m still a boymom. Yes, God reveals Himself to me through parenting daily. But blogging about mommy-dom isn’t what lights my face on fire. It’s about what’s happening beneath the surface of it all.

God’s abundant grace and overwhelming “enoughness” has been a steady theme in my life. If I’m confident about anything, it’s that God is enough. In the wreckage and routine of life, He is enough. In the chaos and confusion, the wanting and waiting, He is enough, and He is good, even when we can’t see it. I can’t shout that loud enough: HE IS ENOUGH! In all things. All the time.

I want to live that way, and I want my writing to be laced with this message.

So here’s where I’ve landed: Everything has its season, and it’s time for me to rebrand. I’ll be veering away from boymom– or parenting-specific content. Stories about my kids or what I’m learning through motherhood will continue to weave their way in because that’s my season of life, and I don’t want to escape it or pretend I have it all figured out.

But I also want to widen my lens. My dream is that my new blog will reach out a little broader and burrow a bit deeper. Maybe these changes are just for me—a chance to throw my arms wide open and dig my toes down into the earth. Or maybe . . . just MAYBE God is stirring up a group of women just like me who want to know God’s abundant grace in every pore of their beings, in every waking moment to know God is good. And I’d love for us to be in it together.

The **NEW** will launch in early 2019, and I hope you’ll be ready to help me roll out the welcome wagon. (Or as my grandmother would have put it, “Roll out the barrel!”) To stay connected during the interim, touch base via my contact page or follow me on Facebook or Instagram.

A final word: THANK YOU to everyone who has faithfully read and supported Life in Blue! It’s been fun connecting with fellow boymoms and fumbling through this parenting journey together. The testosterone life is certainly energy-filled and exhausting, but oh-so-wonderful. Whether you read every blog or this is your first time here, please know I do not take your presence for granted. And I hope we can remain friends.

Goodbye, love bugs! I’ll be back.

2 comments on “Goodbye (For Now)”

  1. Beki says:

    Sarah, I’ve really enjoyed your blog! As a mom to all sons myself & a grandma to all boys (7), I’ve been reminded of the wonderful blessings boys are from reading your posts! Can’t wait to see how God leads you in the future! God’s Blessings, sweetie! 😍

    1. That’s a lot of testosterone you have surrounding you! haha and yes…they’re absolutely a huge blessing. Thanks for your kind words, Beki.

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