Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Boys

Christmas Gifts

It’s that time of year! My boys have been circling items in the Target Christmas catalogue for weeks, leaving it placed conveniently on the kitchen island for mom and dad not to miss. We try not to go overboard on the toys because in all honesty, they need nothing. However, it is fun as a parent to get them something more exciting than flannel sheets (also on my list, by the way).

For all you parents looking for a quality toy for your little boy this Christmas, here have been a few of our favorites over the years. The boys helped me create this list, and I was sure to include the approximate ages in which each toy was a hit.

1. Magformers

We got our first set of Magformers last year, and they were a huge hit. I think they boys’ favorites were the Magformers Vehicle Wow Set because it comes with wheels that allow you to build all kinds of different vehicles as well as the regular creations. My favorite feature is that unlike other magnet toy sets, they’re don’t have a ton of small parts in case little fingers find them. (Recommended age: 3-8)

2. Paw Patrol (anything…)

The Paw Patrol obsession can start early and last for years. My kindergartner still loves the pups. He’ll sit and play with the basic six-piece Paw Patrol Figure Set for days. Even little brother likes to get in on the action. You can find a tone of different sets, stuffed pups, swag, and DVDs, but if you’re looking for the gateway Paw Patrol, get the basic six pup set. (Recommended age: 3-5)

3. Thomas the Train

I adore the Thomas the Train stage. For my boys it started at age 18 months and lasted until they were about 4 or 5. You can all kinds of Thomas the Train things out there, but my favorite is the basic Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Thomas. The wood track and extension pieces are a bit more expensive but they last forever. Our track is six years old and going strong. (Recommended age: 2-5)

4. Imaginext Superheroes

I cannot say enough good things about all things Imaginext. The Imaginext DC Super Friends Batcave was one of our first and favorites. We’ve since added quite a few super heroes, vehicles, and villains to the mix. Our boys just love pretending with these sets, recreating stories they’ve heard or launching their own adventures. I often find three of our boys (ages 2, 5, and 8) playing together—a rare and special thing. (Recommended age: 2-6, but don’t be surprised if older boys will still play with them)

5. Board Games

A few of our boys’ favorite games include Monopoly Junior (Recommended age: 4+), Battleship: Star Wars Edition (Recommended age: 6+), Uno (Recommended age: 5+), and Hungry Hungry Hippos (Recommended age: 3+). That last one can get a little crazy (and you have to watch out that babies don’t get the smaller pieces), but the fact the boys can play it on their own is amazing.

6. Fisher-Price Little People

I didn’t have many of the Little People sets when my older two were little, but I am LOVING them with #3 and can’t wait to introduce little man #4 to them in another year. From about 18 months on, I’ve loved watching my little dude begin pretend play. One of our favorites include the Noah’s Ark Playset and then we have a few “vintage” sets like the farm and a zoo that also get constant use. You can buy many different sets online, or keep an eye out for consignment deals. (Recommended age: 18 months-4 years)

7. LEGOs

We keep accumulating LEGO sets, and as much as I hate finding the little pieces ALL. OVER. THE. HOUSE., my boys love them and will play with LEGOs for hours. So at every Christmas and birthday, I don’t discourage relatives from gifting them a new LEGO set or two. You can find a ton of super hero or Star Wars themed sets that most boys like, but my favorite basic sets are the LEGO City line. They have everything from boats to police stations and more, which allows kids to create and pretend without influence of a show or recent movie. Plus, most sets are geared toward kids starting at age 5. (Recommended age: 5-12)

8. Fisher Price Wheelies Race Track

We purchased this exact Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies Stand ‘n Play Rampway Playset for our oldest six years ago, and it’s STILL going strong. It’s geared for ages 2 to 5, but the older boys still play with it from time to time. If you don’t want to get a bunch of the Wheelies cars, you can also use the trusty ol’ Hot Wheels. (Recommended age: 2-5)

9. Playschool Rescue Bots

If your boys love the Netflix show Rescue Bots, then invest in some of the Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots. They make GREAT stocking stuffers. Like the Imaginext sets, my boys love pretending with them or reenacting episodes of the show, which as a mom I don’t mind because the show touts positive values and attitudes and minimal fighting but still has action to keep their boy minds engaged. Target tends to have a good selection of both small and larger Bots. (Recommended age: 3-8)

10. Army Men

Yes, I’m talking about those small, plastic army men that have been around for years. My boys love them. I find battle scenes set up all over the house. And the best part? For a few bucks (a quick Amazon search for “Army Men” revealed sets for under $10), you can gift your boys hours of fun. (Recommended age: 3-8)


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