My Life as a Reluctant Vagabond

Moving Update

If you know me at all, you know that I don’t like change. Shifts in “the plan” tend to me into anxiety and stress and emotional levels my husband does not enjoy. Granted, I’ve mellowed out over the years, but I’ve never been one to welcome the unexpected with complete abandon.

Yet, life happens, people. The last thirteen years of married life has been nothing but plot twists, plans gone awry, and life-changing surprise.

In case you need a little proof, let me give you the stats. Since Ben and I said “I do,” we’ve…

  • Lived in one apartment, six houses, two university residence hall apartments, and one missionary dormitory.
  • Called two different states home.
  • Given birth to five sons in the last eight years.
  • Collected four different degrees between the two of us.

For risk of looking like a complete vagabond, I won’t even tell you about the jobs I’ve had. Mostly because my pride just can’t take it. I cringe a little and pray for grace whenever someone asks to see my resume, for fear my life’s pattern of change will bring up words like “flaky” or “inconsistent.” Two words that make me physically ill.

You see, most of these changes I didn’t plan, and each one required huge amounts of faith. Despite my uncertainty, I’d take those steps forward just praying God knew exactly what He was doing.

And…here we are again.

When we moved to Tennessee four years ago, we had two kids in tow. We instantly fell in love with the area and planned on being here for the long-haul. People would ask if we ever considered moving back to Indiana and my response was always the same: “It would take a lot.”

Apparently “a lot” is doubling the size of your family in just four years. So after much prayer, consideration, and an exciting job opportunity for Ben, the Westfalls will be becoming Hoosiers once again. We’re in the process of packing up all our junk, researching schools, and temporarily crashing at my parents house until we figure out housing.

(Yes, you read that right. All six of us will be living with my parents. Pray. Just pray.)

This move to Indiana comes with both bitter and sweet. We are sad to say goodbye to friends who are more like family, a church that challenges us, and land that isn’t flat. These four years have been formational for Ben and me as people and as parents. But the promise of family nearby, career opportunity for Ben, and God’s faithful presence in our lives continues to propel us forward. Plus, I must admit that I cannot WAIT to have real snow once again.

To those who have impacted our lives here in Tennessee, you who have brought us meals, loved our boys, helped us move, and invited us into your homes, THANK YOU. Know you are loved and will be missed terribly.

And Indiana….we’re coming for you.


feature image: public domain via pixabay

6 comments on “My Life as a Reluctant Vagabond”

  1. Ethel Kelleher says:

    Much happiness “Back Home Again In Indiana”.
    We were just visiting friends and family in Allen County and now will look forward to reading your blog about your new life in the Fort Wayne Area.

    Ben’s Great-Aunt Ethel

    1. Now that song will be forever stuck in my head. 🙂

  2. Jeanie Stelle says:

    I’m very excited to welcome you home again to Indiana. Wishing you a safe journey and all wonderful things to come!

  3. Beki (Stauffer) Stewart says:

    Oh, Sarah! I’m sure your parents are thrilled to know you & their grandsons will be close by once again! My youngest son Troy & his family moved to Nashville 13 years ago & I doubt they’ll ever move back, especially since her parents live close to them! God’s Blessings to you & your family!

  4. Judith Bennett says:

    So excited for your mom and dad too, they must be thrilled.

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