The Busy Mom’s Guide to Summer Fun

For us, one of the joys of summer is having a more flexible schedule. However, without any structure, my boys and I easily go batty. But I also don’t want to get on the other side of summer and wish I had made more memories with the kids.

Enter: Our Summer Fun Schedule.

Instead of some crazy hour-by-hour schedule (just not my style), I created a simple guide that gave each weekday a theme and corresponding activity. By theming out each day, we’ve been able to establish some consistency while still allowing for lazy mornings and the occasional movie marathon.

Here’s what our schedule looks like:

Summer Fun Guide

In case you want to try out this same schedule, here’s a bit more detail along with some activity examples:

  • Make It Monday: Create something with your kids. For example: try out a new recipe, do an art project, teach them how to paint a wall, or write a song.
  • Try It Tuesday: Do something new together. Take a hike on a new trail, read a new book, watch a YouTube video on karate moves and try them out, or learn some new words in a different language.
  • Water Wednesday: Okay, this one is pretty self-explanatory. It must involve water. Some activities we’ve enjoyed so far are water balloons fights, running through the sprinkler, and (of course) pool day. Some rainy-day options would be puddle jumping or perhaps an afternoon bubble bath (you could even get some bath markers!).
  • Think Thursday: My intention with this day was to include educational activities. So far, we’ve just ended up at the library. However, some activities I’d like to do in the coming weeks would be to write a story (get one of those blank books from Hobby Lobby) or read a new book together about a topic of interest. Maybe I’ll present a problem and have the boys “play detective” to solve it together. Or…we’ll just go to the library again.
  • Fun Day Friday: I think of this day as our adventure day, the day we tackle some things on our bucket list. For example: go to a local park, visit the Discovery Center, have lunch with Daddy, make our playroom into a movie theatre, and so on.

One word of caution: I recommend not revealing what the activity will be in advance. I’ve discovered that rainy days can ruin Water Wednesday at the pool or a late night (with little sleep for mom) may require more of a stay-home activity rather than hauling all four kids to the zoo.

My favorite part about this schedule is having the boys wake up each morning and ask over breakfast, “What are we doing for Water Wednesday?” or “It’s Think Thursday! Can we go to the library?” It’s added some structure and excitement to our summer. And as a bi-product, this mama is staying a bit more sane. A bit.

Share your summer fun ideas with the Life in Blue followers in the comments below!

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