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During the late stages of pregnancy with my latest (and last!) little man, I sent out an S.O.S. to the Facebook world: “Mama is sore and not sleeping well!” I got several suggestions and helpful tips, but my friend Catie went a step further. She sent me a box of goodies from her business, Salubre Botanicals.

Salubre Botanicals offers handcrafted herbal skincare and aromatherapy products that “birthed” out of Catie’s love for all things pregnancy and babies. As a trained nurse and doula, she has a lot of experience with desperate pregnant woman like me and made it her goal to develop some herbal products to help mamas in those less-than-lovely stages of late pregnancy and postpartum.

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One of the coolest parts of Salubre Botanicals is that 50 percent of the proceeds go toward local and international charities while the other half helps support Catie in her work with Kids Alive International in Guatemala. So you get some great, affordable products that support a great cause.(Find out more about Catie’s experience and story below!)

I took some time to use several Salubre Botanicals products, and here are my top-four favorites. For most recent pricing and product info, check out the link in the Shop Now section below.

1. Sun-Kissed Citrus Aromatherapy Spray

I’ve never used a room spray or linen spray a day in my life. But now I feel like I can’t live without it. The Sun-Kissed Citrus aromatherapy blend reminds me of orange push pops on a summer day. One whiff takes me right back to sunshine and summer and childhood fun. It’s happy in a bottle. I’ve been using it on my sheets, a few quick sprays, right before I climb into bed at night. The aroma lasts just long enough for me to smile, relax, and settle into a peaceful sleep (but not so long that it gets irritating or sticks to me).

2. Blissful Mama Bath Tea

I had never heard of bath tea prior to Catie sharing this secret recipe with me, but this blend is fantastic. It’s designed to help promote healing for postpartum mamas, especially in those first few weeks after giving birth. In her doula work, Catie often had mamas in a Blissful Mama bath within hours of giving birth. In my experience, the herbs in the bath tea helped speed up my recovery and allowed me some peaceful moments alone in the evening.

3. Blissful Mama Breastfeeding Balm

Okay guys. I’ve been a big believer in Lansinoh Breastfeeding Salve for a long time (just check out my post on new mom essentials). However, Salubre Botanical’s Blissful Mama Breastfeeding Balm blew me out of the water. Without being too graphic, I had some pretty sore tah-tahs within a week of giving birth. I decided to give the Blissful Mama balm a chance, and within 24 HOURS (not kidding), I was no longing wincing in pain every time baby latched. Within a couple days, I had zero nipple soreness. I continued to use the balm for about a week after that and now (8 weeks postpartum) I have yet to have another issue in the nipple department. PRAISE. JESUS.

4. Sun-Kissed Citrus Lip Balm

All the Salubre Botanicals lip balms get the job done, but my favorite scent is by far the Sun-Kissed Citrus. It is smooth and refreshing and smells like summer in Florida. However, if you’re in the mood for something that smells like a cozy Saturday morning with a cup of coffee, try the Cinnamon Roll. It’s also in my regular rotation.

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Head on over to the Salubre Botanicals online shop on Etsy to browse all the products and make a purchase for yourself or for a mama in need. If you like the products, be sure to share with your friends and family! (Note: Life in Blue doesn’t get any of the proceeds from your purchase. So you can rest assure that no one is twisting my arm to say nice things.)

More About Salubre Botanicals

Catie Hoeppner, founder of Salubre Botanicals, shared a bit more of her story and how she started her handcrafted business:

“I have been an RN for almost 13 years. I worked in family practice for about 10 years, but after being asked to be with a friend during her birth my love for all things pregnancy and birth was rekindled and I decided to pursue birth work further. I became certified as a birth doula and childbirth educator and began working with a home birth midwife as office nurse and birth assistant shortly thereafter.

I have always been interested in herbs and essential oils, but became more interested in them as I observed the various things that the midwife I worked with often recommended them for. I had made some lip balm for Christmas one year and got lots of positive feedback, so I began experimenting with new flavors and other products.

When my first little nephew had a diaper rash that nothing over the counter was working for, I decided to do some research on some of the healing herbs that I had been exposed to and created a recipe for my sister to try with him. Much to my excitement, and hers, it almost completely cleared up his rash overnight.

After several years of sharing my diaper and breastfeeding balms with friends and patients and getting positive reviews over and over, I decided it was time to try to turn it into a small home business.”

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