When It’s Been a Weary Week…

Tired Mom

It’s Friday. It’s 3:30 in the afternoon—and I’m just now FINALLY sitting down to write. It’s been one of those LONG weeks, my friends. The culmination of big emotions, little energy, deadlines, dishes, and just never enough sleep.

I’m about as hungover as a sober pregnant lady can be. It’s certainly Friday.

As we approach the weekend, counting down the hours until we can pop in that frozen pizza and turn on Charlotte’s Web, my prayer is that each of us will make time to be still this weekend. May we find sacred places and spaces for quiet and renewal. May we give ourselves permission to…

…Take that bubble bath.

…Meet a friend for coffee.

…Enjoy a long walk.

…Dive into a good book.

…Craft your ever-loving heart out.

And in all of it may you find God drawing you closer to Himself, giving you the strength to be the mama, wife, sister, friend, and companion He designed you to be.



feature image: public domain via pixabay

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