Top 10 Ways You Know You’re a Boymom

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Not long ago, I asked fellow boymoms on Facebook and Instagram to finish the phrase “You know you’re a boymom if…” and your responses had me yelling “YES!” in solidarity. For SEVERAL days. Seriously…it was such a therapeutic and normalizing experience.

In case you missed out on the fun, let me share with you my favorite responses. I’ll count it down just to keep you in suspense.

10. “You have no dolls but know everything [about] Star Wars.” (Jessica F.)

I’ve found that depending on your little man’s age, you can also substitute “Star Wars” for Thomas the Train, super heroes, Transformers, Rescue Bots, and Ninjago.

photo credit: public domain via pixabay

9. “You find yourself saying “no talking about butts, pee, or poop at the table” multiple times per day!” (Nicole R.)

A while ago I tried to implement the “keep bathroom words in the bathroom” rule. But even then, I’d find my 3-year-old son just standing in the bathroom saying “Poop! Penis! Pee-pee!” etc. to get his bathroom-words quota for the day.

photo credit: public domain via pixabay

8. “Every room is the ‘Lego room.’” (Ashley M.)

LEGO tables, drawers, tubs—we’ve done it all, and I’ve lost. My best solution: I just keep a jar in my kitchen for random Legos I find or sweep up. The older boys just have to put them “where they belong” in their room once full.

7. “You walk into a room and get nailed in the head with a light saber, ball, shoe, or anything else being launched through the air.” (Bethany M.)

Uhm…this one isn’t exclusive to the young of the males species.

Boymomphoto credit: 7 Bits of Truth via flickr license (text added by Life in Blue)

6. “Every game comes back to chasing and killing.” (Kim M.)

It’s true. There’s something about “the thrill of the fight” in each of my little men. Even the 1-year-old turns the mac & cheese box into a gun, complete with sound effects. See said cherub below…

Life with Boys

5. “All your children’s pants have holes in them.” (Rachel Z.)

I’ve yet to find a brand of denim that can survive my children after age two. Sweat pants? They don’t stand a chance.

photo credit: public domain via pixabay

4. “Your subsequent children growl before they can talk.” (Rebecca S.)

You can also add train/car/airplane sounds, gun noises, and just flat-out rebel yelling to this list.

Life in Blue

3. “If you find rocks in the washing machine on a regular basis.” (Kim H.)

Glory, yes. Oh, the treasures we dig out of the washing machine never cease to amaze me.

Mom Life

photo credit: public domain via pixabay

2. “If you can stone-face against any bodily noises & laughter.” (Sarah B.)

But let’s face it: You’re still laughing a little bit on the inside…

Raising Boys

1. “[You] say ‘Get your hands out of your pants’ at least once [per day].” (Sylvia M.)

Peep, penis, “Little Mister.”—call it whatever you want. But they will always love it. You will never understand it. Solidarity, sisters. Solidarity.


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