Minestrone Soup-In-A-Jar Neighbor Gifts

Looking for a fun, easy way to say “Merry Christmas!” to the neighbors? Gather your little men around the kitchen table and assemble this simple Minestrone Soup-In-A-Jar.

Guest Author: Cynthia Wallace

Photo Credit: Katie Keegan Callow

Minestrone Soup-in-a-Jar

When I was growing up, we knew all the neighbors. Maybe it was because we lived in a smaller town in Michigan. Maybe times have changed. Whatever the reason, it just doesn’t seem as common any more. Confession: We have lived in our home for three years and have barely met our neighbors.

This year, I decided to make a change. As a mom, I want my kids to fall in love with giving. I feel like Sarah’s post last week about greed versus gratitude could have been written about me and my boys. I LOVE gifts. I like getting them, but I really enjoying giving them the most. As a mom, I want to share that experience with my boys so that they can fall in love with giving even while they are still young.

One practical way we are fighting back against greed as a family this year by making neighbor gifts! Right next door, we have an opportunity to reach out and to share Christ’s love. Plus, in my experience, cute kids bearing gifts seem to break the ice for us adults who don’t like getting out of our comfort zones!

Neighbor Gifts for Christmas

I decided that since no one really needs more sugar around the house this time of year, a healthy, hearty Minestrone Soup-in-a-Jar would be a great alternative.

This activity is also great for you and your boys to do this week while they are home on break and need something to do! While you are putting the jars together with your boys, take the time to talk about what you are doing and why. Talk about kindness, putting others first, and that we love because He first loved us.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Minestrone Soup-in-a-Jar

Ingredients (per jar):

  • ¼ cup red lentils
  • ¼ cup green split peas
  • ¼ cup barley
  • 2 Tbsp. parsley flakes
  • 3 Tbsp. onion flakes
  • 1/2 tsp. thyme
  • 1/2 tsp. pepper
  • 1 tsp. basil
  • approximately 1 cup ditalini pasta

Minestrone Soup


We used 24 oz canning jars, but you can use empty jars you already have. Layer the ingredients in each jar, one at a time, in the order listed.

Minestrone Soup in a Jar

Use a tall spice container or something similar to make sure each layer is level. Fill to the top with pasta.

Christmas Soup Gift

Tip: If you want an extra festive touch, cut out a circle of fabric approximately 2 inches wider than the diameter of your lid and seal between the lid layers.

I designed these fun tags, and I’m glad to share them with you as a FREE PRINTABLE! There is one for neighbors and one for teachers. I printed mine and let my boys color them in. Don’t forget to sign your name.Minestrone Soup

You can also make your own personalized notes to attach, but be sure to include these instructions: In a large pot, combine 4 cups of vegetable broth, 2 cups water, a 28 oz. can of crushed tomatoes, and soup mix. Add 2 chopped carrots, and 2 to 4 chopped potatoes (optional). Bring to a boil, reduce heat, cover and simmer for one hour or until peas are tender. Enjoy!

A Note from Sarah:

A HUGE thank-you to Cynthia and Katie for their work on this blog post! I’m blessed to have such amazing and talented friends at my disposal. To find out more about their other work, be sure to click on the links below:

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