Top 5 Gift Picks for Boys

Uhm…hello. It’s Cyber Monday already? I’m still picking Thanksgiving turkey bits out of the fridge to remake into something that tastes less like turkey! As you do a little holiday shopping today for the little guys in your life, stay alert for deals on these five items—my hands-down favorite things that my boys love to play with, read, or create with over and over. I’d recommend any of them as Christmas gifts for boys in a heartbeat.

1. Magformers

Who knew that colorful magnet shapes could keep boys busy for hours?!? I love Magformers because they keep my boys minds and hands active as they create cars, houses, roads, dinosaurs, and more just from this one toy. My boys have a basic set [like this Magformers Standard Set (30-pieces), pictured to the right] as well as another set that comes with wheels for building vehicles of all shapes and sizes. The recommended age for Magformers are ages 3+, and my 7 year old still loves them—so you’re going to get your money’s worth. (Plus, they’re safe if you have littles around, unlike many other magnet sets that have tiny pieces…)

2. Anything Fisher-Price Imaginext

You canNOT go wrong with any Imaginext set by Fisher-Price. They have everything from superheroes to pirate ships, depending on your little man’s interests. My boys are into everything Batman, so over the years we’ve added quite a few pieces to our collection (like the Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Transforming Batmobile pictured here). The Imaginext brand toys are recommended for the ages 3-8 range, and I can attest that my boys have played with them almost daily since age 3.

3. The Action Bible

Okay this one is for older boys (recommended age is 9-11), but we bought this book for our oldest when he turned 7 last year—and he loves it. Basically, The Action Bible is the Scripture brought to life in graphic novel format. It’s legit, y’all. Illustrated by Sergio Cariello (who has worked for both Marvel and DC Comics), this book is my favorite picture Bible for boys to date. It really brings the stories to life, and I’ve been able to have some great (and challenging!) conversations with my son as he dives into the text. Love. Love. Love it.

4. LEGOs

Yes, you will step on them in the middle of the night. Yes, your son will at some point destroy the castle you spent five hours building for him. And…yes, you’ll find them in your vacuum cleaner and underneath your furniture and (honest moment) in your infant son’s poopy diaper. Despite all these things, I adore all things LEGO.

For boys with engineering minds or who love to create and pretend, you just cannot go wrong. (Plus, I’ve seen them be really helpful in developing my boys’ fine motor skills.) My two olders spend HOURS playing with LEGOs in their room, and I admit I’ve racked up quite a few hours of LEGO play myself. You can choose branded sets that feature things like Star Wars or superheroes, or you can just get a basic box of bricks (like this LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box) and let their creative minds go wild.

One word of caution: I sometimes take age recommendations on toys with a grain of salt…except with LEGOs. Make sure your kiddos are old enough before purchasing them a LEGO set, not only for their safety but also so that they don’t get frustrated with not having the fine motor skills required to put together all those tiny pieces. And if you have tinies in the home…make a plan for keeping the LEGOs as contained as possible.

5. VTech Switch & Go Dinos

Okay…we stumbled on to this toy in a local consignment shop and have since become obsessed. VTech’s Switch & Go Dinos are basically dinosaurs that you can transform into cars, trucks, helicopters, and more. They talk, they light up, they have unique names and personalities, and my boys will play with them for hours (often alongside their Imaginext sets). At home, we have Blister The Velociraptor Dinosaur (pictured here) as well as Horns the Triceratops Dinosaur. I’m on the lookout to add another dino to our clan this Christmas, specifically for our 4-year-old who plays with them the most (the recommended age range is 3-8). If you happen to find one on consignment, snatch it up.


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