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Don’t be deceived. Raising dudes does NOT mean my world is less verbal. (For every Chatty Kathy, I guarantee you there’s a Chatty Charlie somewhere.) In fact, my house is often a cacophony of words upon words upon words (upon words and words and words). There’s always something to say…about EVERYTHING.

In the words of my firstborn, “Sometimes my mouth is a volcano that just has to erupt…”

Truth, son.

Overheard at My House 4

photo credit: Walter Lim via flickr license

The months of July and August were particularly CRA-zy for us due to listing, selling, and packing up the old house…to then buy and move and begin to unpack at the new digs. Somewhere in there, we also started the school year and threw in a trip to Indiana. Suffice it to say that not much writing happened for me.

Instead, I decided to let my boys do the writing for me.

So I kept my ears perked and was able to log about 5 percent of the funny (and sometimes profound) things I overheard at home. Hopefully they’ll give you a little glimpse into daily life as a boy mom and normalize ALL.THE.WORDS. happening over at your place right now.

I’ve organized their antics into some basic categories that tend to come up often, but I’ve left out their names for their protection, their chances of future employment, and the likelihood they will ever take a wife.

So without further ado, the summer 2016 edition of “Overheard at My House.”

The Human Body

Boys Talk“Mama, look at my man chest!”
(Boy child proceeds to expose and kiss his biceps.)


“So…ugh…[long pause] what do you think?”
I turn around to see Ben’s son standing behind me. Buck. Naked. Hands placed proudly on his hips. [Think “The Naked Man” from How I Met Your Mother…]
“Well, son. I think you’re naked.”


The scene: Sitting at a populated restaurant on my birthday. Son gets high in his chair, pulls up his shirt, and starts exclaiming in a sing-song voice, “Man chest!!”


photo credit: V&A David via photopin (license)

Girls vs. Boys

“Mama, for your birthday, I was gonna get you a girl toy.”
“Oh yeah? Like what?”
“Mm mm…. Like Minnie Mouse or something.”


“Mama, ‘ginas are penises for girls??”

Life as We Know It

“I’m a super-huge fan of Jesus. And….just a kinda tiny fan of Batman.”


“When you’re a baby, you’re zero. Then when you turn 101, you’re old, and you die. That’s just the way life works.”


“I’m DONE doing slow!”
Son proceeds to run around inside the house, dodging packed boxes.


“God doesn’t tell you to eat salad…”

Boy Life


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