Life in Blue

Okay, I’m embracing it: I am a mom of boys.

I’m four boys deep, and my life has become super heroes, light saber battles, and tiny LEGOs strewn about the house. Even my husband Ben joins in on the nightly wrestling match that conveniently occurs right before bedtime. Around here, laughter erupts at every toot. And let’s face it: the male fascination with his own anatomy begins at birth and doesn’t stop. (Lord, help me.)

The air around here is thick with testosterone.

Like many woman, I never envisioned myself a mom of all boys. I grew up loving American Girl dolls, playing dress-up, painting my fingernails, and writing stories in my bedroom. I like big earrings, cute boots, and a bag to match. I just assumed I’d have a little comrade who’d share these interests. However, except for the occasional “I like your diamond!” from my ring-stealing preschooler, my boys care nothing about these things.

Here’s the kicker: I LOVE life with my boys more than I ever thought possible. I wouldn’t change it. While our days are more rough-and-tumble than cuddle, God’s showing me that dirty knees won’t kill me. Plus, I always get to play the princess. Not a bad gig.

I’ve been blogging about our crazy little crew for a while now, but with our recent addition of Jamison, I decided it’s time for the ol’ blog to be a bit more focused. As a writer, everything I create is shaded by experience, and at this stage of life, that shade comes in mostly one color: blue. Hence, I introduce to you my new little project and passion: Life in Blue.

Life in Blue logoWhether you too are bringing up a boy (or more!) or are a curious reader who likes to observe the occasional train wreck, you’re welcome here. Life in Blue invites you into my crazy life filled with Y chromosomes. I do not promise parenting expertise (oh, glory…no). I’m in the thick of it just like you—pressing through this caffeine-dependent season of our lives. But I’ll gladly share my experiences, my failures, and my God-sized discoveries in raising boys, and I hope you’ll join me.

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Welcome to Life in Blue!

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  1. Debi says:

    Yay! Love the refocus and I look forward to reading. From the mom of two grown boys and one half grown sparkly girl- hang in there mama! You are doing great and your writing is probably going to be one of your best memory keepers of your motherhood journey. I wish I had started years ago. Hugs!

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