6 Tips for Surviving Spring Break

I’m on day three of my boys’ spring break, and let’s be real: if you’re not traveling, this blessed event is anything but a “break” for us mamas. We love our kids. (Say it with me: We. love. our. kids.) However, the change of pace, constant togetherness, and lack of routine are enough to make even best mama a little batty.

Here are a few tips I’m implementing this week. Hopefully they will help us all come out the other side unscathed (and with a few good memories!).

1. Call in reinforcements.

If you have someone you can ask to be an extra set of hands, do it. I’ve been blessed to have my mama here this week. Already, she’s plowed through my laundry mountain, made meals, and played football in the yard with the bigger boys. We call her “Janine the Machine”—and she’s been a godsend. I highly recommend that you find your own Granny Nanny (or aunt, friend, cousin, uncle, homeless man off the street…) to have around.

Gramma Jean & my boys

Gramma Jean & my boys

2. Send ’em outside.

If the sun is shining, get those kiddos outdoors. Break open a new bottle of bubbles, hand them some shovels to do some quality digging, or introduce them to the art of Frisbee throwing. I’m no scientist, but I’m convinced that kids—especially boys—burn energy faster outside.

Spring Break photo credit: Wild with Joy via photopin (license)

3. Break your own rules.

By nature, I’m a rule follower, and I’m a big believer that day-to-day life requires some boundaries for us all to function well. We limit screen time, outlaw Reese’s cups as a morning snack, and treat bedtime as a holy sacrament. However…if there’s ever a time to break the rules, it’s spring break. Give yourself permission to loosen the reigns just enough so you don’t tire of hearing yourself say “no.” Your kids will think it’s the best spring break ever (major mom points!), and you can give yourself more grace.

Veggin' out to Rescue Bots.

Veggin’ out to Rescue Bots.

4. Be present.

I’ve found myself reaching for the phone a bit more than normal. A little Facebook. A quick perusal of Instagram. A glimpse into the outside world. However, whenever I do, it seems that’s the time the yelling, crashing, or crying erupts from the next room. So I’m trying to put down the phone, minimize my distractions, and really BE THERE with my boys. It’s a wonder how playing LEGOs or shooting hoops for 15 minutes can change the whole timbre of our day.

Spring Break Phonephoto credit: Traçe de doigt via photopin (license)

5. Treat yo’self.

Set aside something that’s just for you—a reward just waiting for when that last little booger is asleep. A bubble bath? A glass of wine? The latest episode of Fixer Upper? Just say yes. Celebrate that everyone is alive and out of jail, and prepare yourself to do it again tomorrow.

Spring Break Bath photo credit: via photopin (license)

6. Get your daily shot of Jesus.

Spring break week is not the time to start an in-depth Bible study. Ain’t nobody got time for that. However, we need Jesus more than ever if we’re going to love our lil’ men well this week. So find a way to infuse little doses of God into your day. Pray as you nurse the baby at 3 a.m., read a short devotional with your morning cup of coffee (I recommend Savor: Living Abundantly Where You Are, As You Are or Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence). You can also post a Bible verse on the fridge so you can read it the 1,000 times you’ll grab a snack for someone over the next few days. At the end of the week, your soul, your kids, and your sanity will thank you.

Spring Break Jesus

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