Ice is Nice

The world outside is ice. It’s slick and slushy—January in Tennessee. Instead of all the rushing, the hustle, the “get your pants on NOW!” and “we’re going to be late!” that generally characterize our mornings, today is PJs, a second cup of warm coffee, playing Bat Cave on the living room floor. To quote my 3-year-old (with a special shout-out to a literary favorite of ours, Skippyjon Jones): “Ice is nice.”

No demands. No lunches to pack. No place to be but here.

Today, normal life stops for a moment. My three boys and I find sabbath together. We’ll eat chicken nuggets, drink hot chocolate, and snuggle together with a good book. The house will remain a wreck, and a shower just ain’t gonna happen. But today I am grateful for life that moves less like rapids and more like molasses.



photo credit: Barbwire – icicle via photopin (license)

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