Five Years with Cohen

Seriously. How can my Cohen turn 5 years old today?

While he’s sweaty from running around in excitement (I’m not exaggerating), I am stopped in my tracks. Five years ago, after 24 hours of labor and delivery, I gave birth to the 7-pound, 13-ounce baby boy who made me a momma.

Cohen has been my guinea pig as I figure out life as a parent. I guess that’s the lot of the firstborn. But I’m convinced God knew just what kind of firstborn I’d need.

Full of life, Cohen came on the scene full of drama and excitement, and this trend has continued. His curious spirit and zest exhausts me and keeps me going —all at the same time. He’s a loving big brother (“I just love Trace, Momma…He’s my best friend”), and a rough-and-tumble boy. He loves playing superheroes, building with LEGOs, and wrestling poor Trace in the “pillow pit.”

His active body is matched by his empathetic heart. Cohen, only 18 months old at the time, was my comfort when my arms ached for a baby to hold. And at age 5, he may not know what to do with his emotions most of the time, but Cohen senses the feelings of people around him. His little eyes are the first to well up when momma has had a rough day. And while his comforting hugs might be accompanied by a squawk or a burp, I can still see that tender heart.

Looking back on these five years with Cohen, my heart is bursting. I love this kid so much  (I’m writing this blog with a box of tissues nearby). While I cannot believe my little peanut has turned into a full-fledged boy, I am so grateful for his life, his endless energy, and his precious heart.

Happy Birthday, Cohen James!


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